Employer Relationships & Services


Of equal importance to our services focused on job-seekers, PIC provides a number of very valuable services to local employers at absolutely no cost.  These services include: posting and disseminating hundreds of job openings, matching job opportunities to our large body of job seekers to pare down the hiring process, hosting and sponsoring on-site recruitments, conducting job fairs to link employers with career opportunities to job seekers with interest in that field, layoff aversion services to assist local employers downsizing or moving with re-locating and placing their affected employees.

On-Site Recruitments – In 2014-2015, PIC hosted or sponsored more than 80 on-site recruitments on behalf of local employers helping to fill more than 250 job openings.  On-site recruitments have been both large (involving dozens of job openings) and small.

On-the-Job Training – PIC has supported a number of employment opportunities with on-the-job training and specialized training funding.  In 2014-2015, PIC sponsored more than 40 on-the-job training opportunities where local employers were able to recoup extraordinary expenses of training a new employee (placed through PIC) while simultaneously developing permanent and valuable employees to grow local businesses.

Our services include:

  • Internet job posting resources at EASTBAY Works Online and space in the Career Center to post job listings
  • Information about tax incentives, wages and benefits, employment trends and other issues and events of interest to businesses, available through direct contact with a Business Services Representative and on the EASTBAY Works web site
  • Candidate recruitment, screening and referral
  • Employee retention and skills development
  • Customized and On-the-Job training assistance
  • Current labor market information
  • Lay-off assistance, including State compliance requirements
  • On-site recruitments and interviewing of candidates

New Employer Relationships and Services January 1, 2015 to Present

  1. AB Trucking, direct referrals for full-time truck drivers
  2. Autozone- 2 job fairs and a dozen jobs
  3. California Platinum Properties, 4 OJT’s including averting lay-offs for 3 dislocated workers
  4. California Waste Solutions, 1 OJT, 1 direct hire
  5. Comcast, 2 on-site recruitments, dozens of referrals for direct jobs and to Comcast Boot Camp for installer training at Laney College
  6. Farmers Insurance, 2 OJT’s
  7. Just Desserts, plants shut down, Rapid Response and services to 25 dislocated workers
  8. Maid2Order, direct job placements
  9. Marin Clean Energy, 1 OJT
  10. Plastic Paper Tube, Jobs pending
  11. Planting Justice, 2 OJT’s of reentry Adults
  12. Raybern Foods, plant shut down in June, 162 dislocated workers, extensive services to company to avert lay-offs by company-assisted referrals to new jobs in Oakland area. Click here for a testimonial from Raybern’s regarding their experiences with the PIC and how our services impacted their employees.
  13. Recovery Innovations, Rapid Response for 20 mental health professionals
  14. Waterfront Hotel, direct referrals to jobs
  15. Harvest Foods, Job Fair for hiring Raybern workers
  16. Too Good Gourmet, Job Fair for Raybern
  17. Sugar Bowl Bakery, Job Fair for Raybern
  18. Casa Sanchez Foods, Job Fair for Raybern
  19. Mission Foods, Job Fair for Raybern
  20. Harvest Foods, Job Fair for Raybern
  21. Mason Tillman Associates, OJT for Admin Assistant
  22. Mandela Marketplace, OJT for grocery and café
  23. Uhuru furniture, sales and customer services for retail furniture
  24. BART for On-site recruitment for technical positions
  25. Windsor Foods, Job Fair for Raybern
  26. Appraisal Company of Northern California
  27. CVS Pharmacy
  28. Express Pro’s
  29. Fathom
  30. Fugro Construction
  31. Helix Electronic
  32. Mills College
  33. Tileworks
  34. Uhuru Furniture
  35. Unitek
  36. Zero Waste Challenge
  37. Ghirardelli Chocolate
  38. Your Voice Media
  39. Wag Hotels

The local Labor Market is driven by demand occupations.  Employment growth is in those areas of the economy where business activity, and revenue are increasing.   Employers seeking job applicants typically hire those with recent training or skills in specific occupational areas.  The Business Services unit of the Oakland  Private Industry Council focuses on those sectors of the economy, where there are growth indicators so that our candidates are not simply placed on jobs but experience wage growth and career opportunity for advancement. The 39 companies listed above represent the following demand sectors in the Oakland labor market. PIC has placed hundreds of applicants as a result of working with these new as well as our other partnering companies.

Sector Summary:
Warehouse/Logistics: 3
Manufacturing: 2
Food Production: 12
IT/Communications: 2
Environmental/Recycling: 5
Office Occupations: 5
Hospitality: 2
Retail: 2
Mental Health/ Social Services: 2
Construction: 3
General Services: 1