Oakland Exceeds State Performance Goals in Workforce Development

Oakland, CA, February 2, 2017 – The State of California recently released the 2015-2016 performance report for the state’s federally funded local workforce development areas, including Oakland. This report compares actual performance for job placements, job retention, and average wages to state-mandated goals set at the beginning of each program year.

These particular statistics are of vital importance for our local job seekers. The state’s report shows that the network of employment training providers for the City of Oakland performed well beyond state-mandated goals with both its youth and adult programs.

The adult service provider network includes the Oakland Private Industry Council, the Unity Council, and ASSETS Senior Services. This performance report reflects the dedicated work of staff at these three organizations in providing job training and workforce services to adult job seekers in Oakland, including recently laid off workers.

Read the full press release:

Oakland Exceeds State Performance Goals 2015-2016